To become a member, please download, print, and return this document:

Our members form the heart of our congregation. While we welcome all to worship with us and participate in many of our activities, we also extend some additional benefits to those who are paying members.

By becoming a member, you:

  • Help ensure the Jewish cultural and spiritual presence in the Lowell area.
  • Help support a vital Jewish religious school in Lowell.
  • Show your support and belief in TEMV, its community, and all that it represents.

Members Receive

  • Rabbinic suport and spiritual counseling for life cycle events
  • Pastoral care: phone calls and hospital visits to ill or injured as possible
  • Home shiva support
  • Yarzheits of your loved ones remembered in the Bulletin and on Shabbat. You will receive a reminder card in the mail.
  • Celebrations during Shabbat services to commemorate special occasions, such as an upcoming wedding or baby naming.
  • Religious School from preschool to confirmation
  • The right to attend all Board of Trustee meetings
  • Voting rights at Annual and Special Meetings
  • Right to be a member of the Board of Trustees
  • The right to be a Committee Chair
  • Use of the building for social occasions at a reduced member rate.
  • Free advertising in our business directory.
  • Reduced rate for business ads in monthly bulletin.

A Note from the Board

Our temple continues to be a warm, welcoming and eclectic place where we gather together to support each other and build a vital Jewish community. Our rabbi, Robin Sparr, brings us her passion for Jewish life, worship and song, along with thought provoking education programs and pastoral support.

Whether you attend Friday services, an adult education class, participate in social action, volunteer on committees, play mahjong or have children in our religious school, you help the Temple flourish.

To ensure our Temple thrives, one of the most important things we can do—in addition to giving our time and energy—is to financially support it. Our annual projected budget is approximately $100,000.

Excluding fundraising and other donations, if the total budget is divided among current member households, the average cost per member household would be $1923.07 per year, or $160.25 per month, based solely on annual pledges. It is expected that each member financially contribute. Consider pledging what is comfortable and perhaps that little bit more to help sustain our community.
Whether it is $5 or $1000 per month, it all makes a difference. Please deeply consider what the right amount of financial support is for you and your family this fiscal year and indicate it on the Membership Pledge Form.

Your support is enormously appreciated.

The Board of Trustees,
Temple Emanuel of the Merrimack Valley