stack1Temple Emanuel offers services for the blessings and celebrations of life, as well as times of sorrow.

Rabbi Sparr and the TEMV congregation offer a high level of support for life’s passages. From bris and baby-naming ceremonies to weddings, from bar and bat mitzvahs to conversions, every event is as unique as the individual who celebrates it and the journey they took to get there, while at the same time it is universally tied to Judaism and those who have gone before. Rabbi Sparr’s services for all of these events reflect this. Preparations and arrangements are as adaptable as they are supportive, and we embrace every person’s path to TEMV.

stack7TEMV offers support in the event of illness or death in the family. In the case of an illness, members of the community are often available to offer rides to medical appointments, bring food, or help in other ways the person or family find useful. When there is a death, Rabbi Sparr will be available to listen and advise, and she will work with you and your family to create a service that meets your needs. Our lay bereavement counselors will not only lend an ear and a shoulder, but will also help with the practical aspects of handling a death, such as notifying people and arranging for and leading shiva.

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