Rabbi Robin SparrGreetings, dear friends!

We think of summer as a time to reconnect with family and friends, have a bit of a break from academic year routines, visit vacation locales near and far, and take everything at a slower pace. I hope each one of you has set aside some time for rest, peace, and rejuvenation during these summer months, and that you are feeling ready to shift into the beauties and blessings of autumn.

As we begin our transition out of vacation mode, we might reflect on the opportunities and obligations before us. Perhaps we’ll consider those projects we haven’t quite finished (or perhaps begun), start the wardrobe turnover in our closets and drawers as the weather begins to cool, and, if our children or our work are tied to academic year calendars, become excited, and maybe a bit nervous, about the year ahead.

So, too, do we refocus our spiritual selves at this time of year. In just a couple of weeks, the Hebrew month of Elul, the 12th month in the Jewish calendar, will begin with the sliver of a new moon in the sky. Once again, I urge you to use the days of Elul to spiritually prepare yourself for the New Year, which will begin at the new moon of Tishrei, in the evening of October 2nd. A couple of resources:

  • Jewelsofelul.com – sign up to receive a daily reading, lesson, or meditation
  • Doyou10Q.com – visit this site for a new question each day during the Ten Days of Awe – you’ll be able to review the answers you provide this year at this time next year.

If you use these resources, kindly drop me a note to share your experience with them.

I’m excited to share with you new programs in adult and family education, unique services, and a brand new High Holy Day prayerbook, and to revisit beloved traditions of TEMV as well. As ever, I welcome your feedback (positive and critical), and look forward to another year of building, growing, and connecting with our wonderful community.

Hope to see many of you soon, at our September 11 first day of school, one of our welcoming September services, or another of the community programs coming up this fall.


Rabbi Robin S. Sparr

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