From Robin Frisch, TEMV President:

Dear Friends,

The horrific act of violence in Pittsburgh today has shaken me to my core, as I am sure it has all of you. It is more important than ever right now that we are there for one another. As TEMV’s president, I want to reassure you that our congregation’s safety and security is always at the forefront of my mind, as it is for the Board of Trustees, and of course, Rabbi Sparr. We are blessed to be located in Lowell, because the Lowell Police Department has given us the highest level of protection whenever asked, and even when we have not specifically reached out to them.

Shortly after the incident in Pittsburgh, the Community Liaison at the Lowell Police Department proactively called to reassure me that they were aware of what happened and asked what they could do to ensure our safety. They knew we were moving to a new location but were not sure if we were still occupying our building. I explained we were no longer holding worship services there, but that many of our possessions were still inside. I asked that they continue to do what they have been doing so well, driving by regularly to keep a close eye on the building and the temple grounds.

I will be having ongoing security discussions with the landlord of our new space before we move in and will continue these discussions once we are completely moved. While nothing is foolproof, please be assured we are doing everything we can to keep whatever location we are currently in as secure as possible and to keep our congregation safe.

In the meantime, we will continue to pray for all of those affected in Pittsburgh, to work towards peace and understanding both locally and more broadly, and remain vigilant in all areas of our vibrant congregational life.


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