Wine and Juice for KiddushThank you for your loving service to our community! Here are the responsibilities expected of you as oneg or board host. If you would like to sign up to be a board or oneg host, please visit our hosting sign-up page.

Oneg Host Responsibilities

General guidelines:

  • Check the bulletin for your date. Expect a call from the board host a week or two before. Direct any questions to the board host.
  • Coordinate with the other host family or families on what to bring, enough for 20-30 people.
  • No pork or shellfish.
  • Challah is required. Other typical items include pastry, cookies, cheese, fruit, cut vegetables.
  • Arrive about 30 or more minutes early to allow time for setup. You’ll find instructions on the kitchen cabinets and the board host will guide you.

Before the service:

  • Set up the large table with challah and any other food you have brought for Oneg. Rabbi Sparr will take care of her own Kiddush cup. In addition, put out small plates, napkins, and silverware as needed.
  • Put a small amount of wine and grape juice in wine glasses for the Kiddush. Leave the bottles behind the glasses (we usually need about 15-20 for a regular Shabbat service
  • Make coffee and hot water for tea. Set out mugs, sugar, cream etc.

After the service:

  • Clean up the food
  • Do the dishes—fill the dishwasher and start it. Detergent can be found under the sink.
  • Vacuum the back of the sanctuary.

Board Host Responsibilities

Before the service:

  • Turn on the lights
  • Turn up heat or turn on air conditioning as needed
  • Set up Shabbat candles. Make sure the candles are secured in the candlesticks with melted wax. Also, set up and light the shammus candle
  • Check in with the Rabbi and identify who will light the Shabbat candles
  • Welcome guests and members
  • Make sure door is locked if no one is there to watch it, including during services
  • Turn on security monitor by back door

During the service

  • Sit by security monitor during first 15-20 minutes of service so that you can go let latecomers in
  • Make BRIEF announcements of upcoming services and events at the temple

After the service

  • Help with clean up
  • Put away prayer books and pick up where needed
  • Take home tablecloths to wash and return them to the temple
  • Extinguish Shabbat candles
  • Make sure the lights in the ark are off
  • Turn out all lights in the sanctuary and kitchen
  • Turn off security monitor
  • Make sure ALL exterior doors are locked (Check the school, back of the sanctuary, and the front door)
  • Set alarm (push “away”) and check door as you leave to make sure it is locked.