We are a People of the Book, and at TEMV, we are excited to support our Jewish lives with many books in the TEMV library. Want to learn more about Jewish history? Need advice about a life event? Feel like reading a biography of Leonard Nimoy? Looking for commentary on this week’s Torah portion? Want stories by authors as diverse as Chaim Potok and Faye Kellerman? Seeking new recipes for Passover? Our thousands of books for adults and children of all ages include works on Jewish culture, thought, observance, languages, history, genealogy, art, parenting, life events, and cooking, along with biographies, short stories, and novels.

Our children’s collection begins with sturdy board books for the very youngest and extends to novels, biographies, and books on Jewish holidays, practice, and culture for older children and teens.

We invite you to browse our collection and check out ones that will inspire and inform you! Simply write your name, the book title, and date in the notebook on the first bookshelf next to the prayerbooks.

Most sections are alphabetical by author’s last name, except for biography, which is by subject’s last name. The Jewish Holiday section is organized by holiday, then author.