Winter/Spring/Summer 5779 Ritual Calendar 2019

Please also see our main calendar that lists all TEMV events, not just services.

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Regular service in black

Special services in blue

Family/Tot programs in red

Actual holy day date in green


1          6:15     Erev Shabbat: Family service followed by potluck dinner & oneg

8          7:00p   Erev Shabbat/Rededication/New Members/Bell Choir

15        7:30p   Erev Shabbat

22        7:00p   Erev Shabbat – lay led


1          7:30p   Erev Shabbat

8          6:00p   Tot Shabbat; 6:30p community dinner; 7:30p Erev Shabbat

15        7:30     Erev Shabbat – lay led

20/21  PURIM

22        7:00p   Erev Shabbat, Purim, Sunwheel/spring blessings

29        6:00p   Pre-neg; 6:30 Erev Shabbat


5          7:30p   Erev Shabbat

12        7:30     Erev Shabbat – lay led

19-27   PASSOVER      

19        NO SERVICE – 1st seder

20        SUNDAY 5:00p Community Second Seder at Warren Street

26        7:30p   Erev Shabbat (end of Passover for Reform Jews)

27        SATURDAY, 4:00pm – Pajama Havdala and Pizza Party (and possible movie nite?)

28        SUNDAY, TIME TBD  Annual Meeting


3          7:30     Erev Shabbat – lay led

10        6:15     Erev Shabbat: Family service followed by potluck dinner & oneg

17        7:00p   Erev Shabbat – Learner’s Minyan

24        7:30p   Erev Shabbat

31        5:30p   Tot Shabbat; 6:00p pre-neg; 6:30p Erev Shabbat


7          7:30p   Erev Shabbat/Shavuot observed/dairy oneg

8-9       SHAVUOT

14        7:30p   Erev Shabbat

21        6:15     Erev Shabbat: Family service followed by potluck dinner & oneg

28        7:30     Erev Shabbat – lay led


7/12    7:30p   Erev Shabbat


8/2      7:30p   Erev Shabbat


8/16    7:30p   Erev Shabbat

8/30    7:30p   Erev Shabbat

Tentative 2019-20/5780 Dates


6          6:00p   Pre-neg; 6:30p Welcome back service

13        7:30p     Erev Shabbat

20        7:30p     Erev Shabbat/Sunwheel

27        7:30p     Erev Shabbat – lay led

29        8:00p   Erev Rosh Hashana

30        10:00a Rosh Hashana Day 1

            2:00p   Rosh Hashana Family Service

            3:15p   Tashlich


1          5:00ish Rosh Hashana Day 2 Sunrise Service

4          7:30p     Erev Shabbat – Shabbat Shuva

8          8:00p   Erev Yom Kippur/Kol Nidrei

9          10:00a Yom Kippur morning service/study

            2:00p   Yom Kippur Family Service

            3:00p   Quiet/reflection time in the sanctuary

            4:00p   YK Afternoon Service

            5:00p   Yizkor

            6:15p   Neilah

            7:00p   Break-the-fast

11        7:30p     Erev Shabbat – lay led

14        —          EREV SUKKOT (no service)

18        6:00p     Sukkot dinner; 7:00p All Ages Sukkot Service

20        10:00a   SUKKOT Brunch and outdoor service, location TBD

25        7:30p     Erev Shabbat/Simchat Torah