Howie RashbaPlease plan to join us Saturday, March 4, at 5:30 p.m., for our annual Musical Tapestry and Auction! Besides being a fun night of socializing and listening to music, ​this is a TEMV fundraiser. What will you donate to the auction​?​ What will you perform?


Possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Past donations have included window washing, dinner for four, home-baked goodies, gift baskets, a vacation home for a weekend, professional services, mystery envelopes, bridge lessons, gift certificates, and babysitting.

Temple member Jim Zawisza, for example, will be selling his new EP and his previous album at the Musical Tapestry, and for that night only, will be donating all proceeds to the temple. Jim released an EP in December, following up on his 2013 album. The new EP, “Everything Changed And Then Changed Again”, contains five songs that mix hard rock, metal, folk rock, and world music influences to create a unique sound that will leave you eager to hear more. The EP is $5, and the previous album is $10. To listen before you buy, go to

If you would like to donate something, please complete this form and bring it with your item(s) (if you are donating physical items) to the temple as soon as possible. You may also e-mail and include the name of your donation (s), your name (s), a description of the item and the estimated value.


Performers to date:

  • Rabbi Robin
  • Howie Rashba
  • Lily Geller, Rain, and Charlotte
  • Lily Geller and Katrina Wilensky
  • Song of the Lark” – Rahel and Sue. Music that moves you from one place to another! Rahel and Sue’s music is hypnotic and sonically refreshing. There are hints of jazz, Middle East blends, further East mantras with sometimes driving rhythms and sometimes gentle sounds. A beautiful and diverse collection of songs that are well-crafted, intelligent and musically sophisticated.

Contact Phebe if you wish to perform​ or would like to help solicit donations from local businesses, or assist with planning and setup.

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