AppleEveryone is invited to join us at Drew Farm next Sunday, September 24, for apple picking!

Please gather at Drew Farm, 31 Tadmuck Road, Westford, before 10:00 a.m.

Learn more about the Farm here.

We will take a hayride up to the orchard, gather for a photo and a few words of greeting and blessings, and then disperse to pick apples.

Afterward, everyone is welcome to come together for a brown bag lunch.

There is no admission fee per se, but please do bring some money. Prices for pick-your-own are:

  • $28 for 1/2 bushel (~20 lbs)
  • $16 for a peck (~10 lbs) or $26 for 2 pecks
  • $8 for 1/2 peck (~5 lbs)

There are also other items for sale at the stand, including cider donuts (yum)!

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